Remove the uncertainties.

Wondering about your project’s potential?
Collect key insights in real time from targeted market professionals to reveal your innovation’s potential.

By offering a better understanding of your market, the UMI solution will guide you in orienting your project. You’ll have all the information you need to develop your innovation to its fullest potential.
Make the right decisions with certainty.

As technology transfer manger, idea validation to remove uncertainties

From insight… to success.

Evaluate your innovations and transform professional insights into opportunities to develop your project.

Evaluate your market in the blink of an eye.

Idea validation.

Use insights from professionals to objectively validate your project and determine its market potential. You’ll then have all the information at your disposal to make the right decision.

Generate business leads.

More than just an exercise in collecting insights, the UMI solution offers you the ability to generate qualified leads. Access the list of professionals surveyed who showed interest in your innovation. You will then be ready to transform your innovation into a business opportunity.

Technology transfer.

Have your innovation evaluated by expert professionals in your market and have direct access to potential partners ready to be involved in your project. Build on these partnerships to discover synergies and bring a new dimension to your project.

Develop your innovation projects.

Make your projects a reality with idea validation through market insights. This allows you to validate your innovation’s potential whilst providing suggestions for improvements and optimization and where they can be implemented in your project.

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Validated, impartial insights

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Around 40 insights per study
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Results in less than a month
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Or targeted by country

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