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Who are our respondents?

Our company interacts with over 600 million market professionals providing answers to your questions on a daily basis.

For more relevance and objectivity, we extend our scope beyond technical experts to include other market professionals to provide you with a more complete view of the market reality.

Respondent profile examples.

Tarik Küçük

Tarik Küçük

NVH Test Engineer

Simone Cavassi

Simone Cavassi

Managing Director

Drew Youpel

Drew Youpel

Risk Management Consulting

Ali Alkadhimi

Ali Alkadhimi

MAI Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineer

Elsa	Luciani

Elsa Luciani

Tech transfer officer

Daniela Ronchetti

Daniela Ronchetti

Chief Innovation Officer

Profile quality.

Profile quality.

Using the power of our solution, in just a few minutes we can target thousands of qualified profiles worldwide in your industry.

Access rare profiles.

To precisely evaluate the potential of your innovation, we target profiles with high added value that can respond to difficult issues encountered in cutting-edge fields.

Global scope.

Forget being limited to a national scale. Open up the possibilities by searching for competent profiles from countries around the world. We survey market professionals around the world to ensure you receive the responses that reflect the reality.

Market professionals you thought were inaccessible are now accessible.

Quality responses.

We commit to transparently providing qualified, impartial, market-oriented responses to give you insights with real added value.

Attentive, interested market professionals give their objective opinions online with no time constraints. These experts are not paid for their insights, but respond because of their interest in your project, ensuring their objectiveness and impartiality.

Every insight from professionals in your market is validated by our internal specialists.

How are they targeted?

The UMI touch

Professionals targeted in real time worldwide.

Using the power of the web, in a single click we obtain a list of rare, qualified profiles from your sector. We contact them for their objective opinions on outlets for your innovation.

Their responses are collected in real time, then aggregated in a clear, summarized document for added precision and relevance.

A proprietary search engine.

UMI contributors are market professionals targeted by countries

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Multi-criteria searches

Target professionals worldwide

UMI contributors are market professionals targeted on professional social media

Across the web

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UMI contributors are market professionals targeted for quality profile

Profile qualification

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Validated, impartial insights



Around 40 insights per study



Results in less than a month



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