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Validate your technological decisions

Validate your technological decisions.

UMI market research enables you to collect impartial, objective insights from market professionals. More than mere insights, these professionals can enlighten you about potential expansions for fields of application, improvements and uses for your innovation R&D projects. A fast, simple, qualitative means to keep yourself abreast of the latest market trends and requirements.

Don’t miss out on the “next big thing”.

Much more than traditional market research, the UMI solution allows you to further your innovation R&D in record time.

Listen to your market.

Gauge market potential.

Discover the views of market professionals on your R&D project in real time with no intermediary. Interested and objective, they participate in the development of your innovations by revealing their true potential.

Make informed decisions.

The UMI market analysis report ensures you have a clear understanding of your sector and provides support for orienting your project. Optimize your decision-making to confidently push forward with your R&D projects.

Monitor technological developments.

UMI market research provides information on competitors and technology to help you to stay abreast of the news in your sector. Monitoring to influence your forward vision, vital for furthering your R&D projects.

Optimize your patent portfolio.

Qualitative insights from market professionals enables you to discover the potential value of key technologies early and exploit their full potential.

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Validated, impartial insights



Around 40 insights per study



Results in less than a month



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