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Chemical Free Regenerable Water Filtering System for Small Communities with As, B, I, F Contaminated Water
Solution for preventing corporate payments fraud
Poly-X: new-to-the-world ultra-light polymer with the strength of a metal
Acoustic insulation: new high-performance technology
Kidney cancer treatment using the ELABELA hormone
New anti-Toxoplasmosis compound
Smart Power Ecosystem
Embankment stabilization
Customizable and operational flood management tools
Microsensors for ischemia control
Quick solutions for controlling the risk of legionellosis
GINO: Geolocation Indoor N’ Outdoor
New technique for the microencapsulation of powder and liquid compounds
Sub-micron engineering for organic powders
Centralized security for smartphone environments
Drug metabolite synthesis using electrochemistry
Stretchable, conformable electronic system layer for deep in-material integration
Brushless motor controller
Culbuto, food waste composters for professionals
Attract, Trap & Kill cancer cells
Cubeen, a modular outdoor space with a 100% autonomous energy supply
Mechanoluminescence for structural health monitoring on large surfaces
Insulating mineral foam
Heating or cooling decorative wall panel
Electrometallurgical Massive Electricity Storage (EMES)
Tool for simulating energy consumption through human behavior
Risk management – simplification and industrialization of the EBIOS method
Sonic drilling combined with mineralogical and chemical analyses of cores in real time
Autonomous ocean monitoring system
Enzymometer – printed substrate assay plate
Solution for CVD risk prediction and prevention
Automatic and reliable solution to search buried objects in marine sediments
A biocompatible injectable hydrogel as an solution for cell engineering and regenerative medicine
Connected device for intraoral observations
Conductive polymers transistor for ion channel flux analysis
On-site hydrogen production unit
Ultrasonic motion capture device
High performance cooling generator
Separation of metal cations in an aqueous medium
Artificial Intelligence as a tool for the development of molecules, materials or formulations
Automated hand disinfection solution using an organic disinfectant
Skin allergy testing device (prick test)
Low-thickness construction block with integrated RT2020 insulation
Un catalogue de services d’Intelligence Artificielle à la demande
Smart Assessments in Math
Secure component for screwed assembly
Tetrazole synthesis using a catalyst fixed on polystyrene beads
Radiochromic films for dosimetry
Ultra-sensitive direct detection of nucleic acids
Oil Free Metalworking Fluids
Tools for predicting freed-up electrical power flexibilities
Smelting furnace: a technology to see and control what’s going on inside to increase throughput.
In vivo investigation: new perspectives with MRI dedicated to animals
Ultra-thin, flexible chip package with fan-in/out re-distribution layer, embeddable in rigid or flexible PCBs
Innovative design for an improved tubular heat exchanger
Interactive Fuse Switch Disconnector
Maintenance service for industrial hydraulic oils
Enzyme-responsive fluorogenic probes
NexTene : The New Poly-DCPD Thermoset Resin
Glass / Metal composite optical fibers
Contactless connector for power and data transmission
Anti-tumor conjugated antibody
Preventing Biofilm on Surfaces
Clean air flow workbench system
High performance aluminium powder for additive manufacturing
Milling device with right angle gearbox for a turn-mill centre
New range of bio-sourced anionic surfactants
Biosafe Bisphenol A (BPA) substitute
Hydrogen energy storage for autonomous buildings
Multi-energy service station from waste
Stretchable Circuit Materials
Matrix for detecting alkaloids using mass spectrometry
Watchtower to monitor and to optimize industrial maintenance
Mechanoluminescence for detecting mechanical stresses
myVINUM: multi-channel virtual assistant for wine sellers
Acoustic furniture
Battery free energy for disposable devices
High strength aluminium alloy for wire+arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)
Vertical axis wind turbine for slow and changing wind speed
Smart Cabling Management in Buildings
Smart dot peen marking system: traceability for all industrial components
Zinc oxide nanoparticles
Low temperature sintering process for the production of advanced ceramics and multi-material assemblies
Soft hydrogels for cell culture
Thermo-Reflective Paint
Interface dedicated to structural design in Civil Engineering
3D printing of Polyamide-6 functional parts
New compact motor starter architecture for your machinery
Scientific software SaaS Platform
Smart plug & play machine electrical cabinet
Linear hyaluronic acid thread to fill skin lines and folds
Block copolymers for coating applications
Implantable glucose biofuel cell for powering medical devices
Micrometric laser engraving head
Real-time IAQ monitoring in hospitals
Smart locking device
New material for the treatment of wastewater, industrial effluents and groundwater
Simulators for truck, bus and coach driver training
Biobased glycerate amphiphilic surfactants from glyceric acid
Environmental sensor and acoustic detector, for the management of cities and private sites.
Selective laser metallization
Customized software to optimize your core business
A new treatment for rhinosinusitis
Multiphysical modelling of special civil engineering structures
Comp10: Composite glass fiber cable for elastomer reinforcement
Interoperable smart grid equipments
New antimalarial treatment
Radiation resistant adhesive and coating solutions
Adaptive Functional Electrical Stimulation for Foot Drop Treatment
Luminescent road paint
New bio-inspired compounds with dual anti-corrosion and anti-biofilm capabilities
Lead chelating non-pathogenic bacteria
Bluetooth jacket for cardiorespiratory monitoring in rodents
Refurbishment service for your medium voltage circuit breaker and contactor
Innovative pavement solution for high traffic, combining durability and comfort
Intraoperatory device for hip surgery
Decorative acoustic foam
Pressurized instant foam fire protection system for large diameter atmospheric storage
Flowmeter calibration services, COFRAC certified
New Click Chemistry for Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) production
Metal cation trap for decontamination of liquid effluents
Novel Gene Therapy Vector for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 1A (CMT1A)
Small-scale Solar Thermal Combined Cycle
High-speed metal milling with a new cobalt-enriched high-speed steel grade
Thin, lightweight sound insulation for maritime and aeronautical applications
Aqueous-based gel with elasticity performances
TETRYS: make the internet faster
Valorisation of recycled materials from fibre reinforced thermoset composites
Hyperspectral Detection and Sorting System for Food Industry
Shared photolithography service
Composite materials and brominated compounds
Assisted Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Autonomous systems for the combined generation of renewable energy and water
Smart cable
A protected switch that automatically deploys in your IP network
Automated predictive analysis
Sterilize fragile materials with oxygen plasma
New VR 3D previsualization tool
Detection kit for pyrogen or pro-inflammatory products
Eco-friendly tool for prioritizing emails
Pollutant emissions monitoring
Intelligent switchboard to simplify microgrid integration
Colored antiseptic solution
Adaptative Thermo Physio Comfort in Car Cabin
Silicone 3D printing for medical use
Aluminum powder for additive manufacturing
Device for valorization of gas expansion
Silicone foams for fire-resistant insulation
Tiny rechargeable SMD micro-batteries for emergency backup power
On-site enzymatic activity test
New treatment against schizophrenia
Smart temperature control system for pilot helmets
Electrochemical device for breaking down nitrates into nitrogen
Pandora, an Audio/Video Supervision Dispatcher that unifies all communications
Platform for on-site local energy optimization (renewable energy, storage)
Mechanoluminescence integrity checks for wind turbines
Reversible polyepoxide microfluidic chips
Valorization of compostable bioplastics products
Antifouling silicone coating solution without tin
New autologous product for healing chronic wounds
Explosive cladding for manufacturing two- or more layers plates and sheets by micro explosion
Turbidity measurement tool
Simulating electricity markets
Technology for implantable zirconia systems
Membraneless vacuum filtering
Smart bone cement injection device
Fast and Miniaturized ELISA testing
Interleukin-2 for preventive and therapeutic treatment against food allergy
Hands-free personal treatment assistance
3D printing of silicone technical seals
Mobile unit for recycling polymer composites
Connected shower dedicated to water and energy savings
WindCrete: Concrete floating platform for wind turbine
Technology for industrial water re-use
High temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for high energy-intensive industry
New AIGaN/GaN architectures: creating a normally closed HEMT transistor structure
Continuous inclusion monitoring solution for casting of molten metals
Low-energy, low force, conformable sensor (electroactive smart material)
The Easy range – Connecting machines
Compact cylindrical high power microwave broadband amplifier
Synthetic molecular barcodes for anti-counterfeiting
Composite material for seating
Mechanoluminescence integrity checks for aeronautics composites
Highly bendable encapsulant for wearables and other conformable electronic designs
Microorganism marking solution

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