Thermal anti-icing paint

Development in progress • Protected by patent
An innovative coating which brings active anti-icing to any surface.

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Market benefits

  • Drop-in solution to easily add de-icing protection
  • Balanced, homogenous heating that is instantaneous and self-regulating across the entire surface
  • Can be applied on a wide range of surfaces and shapes
  • Available in the form of paint or ready-to-apply ultra thin films
  • Excellent resistance to temperature and weathering
  • Non-toxic, aqueous format with neutral pH


In icy conditions, equipment must be heated to prevent the formation of ice, de-iced, or deactivated in order to avoid potentially significant technical consequences or economic loss.

Classic preventative solutions (hot air, resistive elements, etc.) provide an unsatisfactory response to the problem:
- Unbalanced heat distribution
- Increased energy consumption
- Complex installation
- Lack of durability
- Difficult to retrofit


We have developed a range of innovative thin coatings capable of highly efficient heat generation. The formula includes organic fillers that conduct electricity. When current passes through the coating, it produces balanced, homogenous heating.

Heated coatings provide substantial energy savings by transforming energy into heat at a cost suitable for many industrial challenges. These coatings also provide an innovative, high performance solution for anti-ice and de-icing applications. Already a success in the wind power industry, our coatings are also currently being tested in the aircraft industry.

Their modularity (conductivity can be adjusted as needed) enables them to provide a wide temperature range for heating, over large surfaces, on different materials, whilst remaining homogenous and tightly controlled, also enabling them to potentially be used for a wide variety of industrial applications.

These coatings can also be used for heating applications such as heating in homes.

Technical specifications:
Conductivity: up to 1000 S/m. Can be tailored to clients’ specifications.
Power source: DC / AC / Solar
Supply voltage: from 24V up to 400V
Output power: depending on the application, but can reach up to 40 000 W/m2
Application: rolling, spraying, screen printing

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