Surge Protection Device for Aircraft

Development in progress
A new SiC-based surge protection device (SPD) combining far lower compactness and higher protection of electrical systems against over-voltages such as indirect effect of lightning.

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Market benefits

  • Higher protection with both over-voltage and current clamping
  • Better integration (volume divided by 10 compared to TVS solutions)
  • Compatible for AC/DC networks
  • Compatible for the protection of data bus and power supply
  • Fully passive device (power and control)
  • Failure detection monitoring


Transient and surge suppressors are commonly used to protect systems from over-voltage.

Parallel devices are often used such as Zener diode or Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV). These solutions are not linear devices and above a certain current the supposed clamped voltage starts to rise, limiting the protection.

Thus voltage clamping alone is not enough for a full protection or requires an oversizing. Indeed, in aeronautic calculators, large area of electronic board (20%) is commonly used only for protection purpose.


We have developed a SiC-based Current Limiting Device (CLD). Smartly combined with a MOV and a transient voltage suppressor, we built an Hybrid SPD providing the clamping benefits of both the MOV and the Zener:
- limiting the voltage over certain currents;
- dissipating high energies.

With our technology, a 540V-1.8kA-surge arrestor provides more than 2.7 times the protection of a MOV, in less than 25ns. And our Hybrid SPD colume volume is reduced by a factor of 10 compared to standard transient voltage suppressors.

Moreover, our technology enables failure detection monitoring of the device.