Smart gateway for centralized remote monitoring of your equipments

Project already available
A new versatile wireless gateway developed to collect, centralize and run all means of communication (Ethernet, USB, Audio, BLE, ...) in a single-point device to simplify the remote monitoring of heterogeneous ranges of connected equipments.

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Market benefits

  • Compatible with all means of communications and data protocols / interfaces
  • Centralization in a single-point and ready-to-use device
  • Short development period (only your specific requirements for embedded software)
  • Flexible: can be updated once installed without replacement or redevelopment
  • Embeds computing capacity to support your softwares and applications
  • Withstand harsh environment (weather, vibration, electric, electromagnetic...)


Because of the various means of communication used nowadays (Ethernet, USB, Audio, Serial, ...), it can be difficult to centralize and transfer data for remote monitoring of infrastructures with heterogeneous equipments.

For instance in Transportation, a bus company needs an interface with the main on-board peripheral devices such as computer ticketing, passenger counting system, data and voice radio equipment, passenger announcement systems and can also interface with other equipment. Each equipment has its own communication protocol, making data centralization and transfer more complex.

The current solution is to design a new specific gateway for each situation, leading to time-consuming and expensive developments. Moreover these specific designs are not flexible once the technology is installed, preventing to update the gateway for new equipments connection for instance.


We have developed a ready-to-use gateway able to centralize all kind of data and facilitate the remote monitoring of various equipments already installed, keeping the legacy interfaces and protocols.

This single gateway device already embeds multiple hardware interfaces and supports off-the-shelf protocols (Ethernet, USB, Audio, Serial, I/O, SCADA):
- to be connected automatically to any range of heterogeneous equipments for data collection,
- to create instantly an unified interface with central systems for remote monitoring

Hardware and software are both flexible to allow rapid updates of the system (new equipment to connect or replacement, new protocol for data transfer, etc.). The gateway also embeds computing capacity to support your softwares and applications.

Our solution can withstand harsh environment threats (weather, vibration, electric, electromagnetic) for uses in transportation, utility vehicles, industries, utilities, etc.

For instance in Transportation, our gateway is an on-board computer that provides an interface with all peripheral devices. It enables the automatic uploading and downloading of on-board data through short/long range radio (WiFi, GPRS, TETRE, DMR, LoRa, Sigfox, etc.). Through real time monitoring you have access to precise operational data such as routes taken, times, speed and tonnage collected, through to customer invoice management.