Simulation of turbulent multiphase flows

Project already available
A new computational fluid dynamics software designed for the simulation of turbulent multiphase flows. It includes high performance modeling of free-surface flows (adiabatic or not), gas-particle granular flows, and multi-regime flows.

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Market benefits

  • Simulation of high complexity multiphase flows
  • High performance calculation possibilities
  • Total reliability (developed for nuclear industry)
  • Can be coupled with SYRTHES (thermal field in the solid parts of the computational domain)
  • Can be integrated to the open source software SALOME (CAD, meshing, 3D visualization of the results)


Existing softwares for computational fluid dynamics (ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, STAR-CCM+, OpenFOAM) are not efficient enough to simulate precisely turbulents flows involving several phases as for:
-steam and liquid water,
-liquid water and air,
-gas and solid particles,
-gas flows containing water droplet,
-two phases with non-miscibles fluids.


We have developed a new computational fluid dynamics software designed for the simulation and calculation of turbulent multiphase flows.

Our software includes high performance modeling of:
-free-surface flows, adiabatic or not (with or without mass and energy exchanges at the liquid-gas interface),
-granular flows (involving gas and particles),
-multiple phases flows containing (bubbles, gas void, and large interfaces).

Our robust software provides an extreme reliability since it was initially developed and is now used for nuclear safety studies (thorough process of verification and validation).