Remote injection system for bone cement

Development in progress • Protected by patent
Telemanipulated system for mini-invasive bone cement injection surgical procedures, allowing precise control of both cement viscosity and injection duration.

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Market benefits

  • Radioprotection for the practionner thanks to remote control
  • Precise control of cement viscosity and injection duration
  • Lower risk of cement leakage
  • Delayed hardening if needed (up to 30 minutes)
  • Sensory feeling of cement thickness for full control
  • User-friendly console: 1 joystick, 2 indicators


Several problems arise during mini-invasive bone cement injection procedures like vertebroplasty, cementoplasty, kyphoplasty or vertebral augmentation:
- practitioner exposed to X-ray from continuous imaging,
- cement leaking outside vertebral body at the beginning of operation
- errors due to haste before cement hardens.


We have developed a new telemanipulated system for mini-invasive bone cement injection procedures. Thanks to remote control, the practitioner can stand or sit, unexposed to X-ray, close to the imaging device console and control all devices.

Our device is specifically designed to control cement viscosity precisely: cement can be thickened at the beginning to reach practitioner's ideal consistency before injection. Injection duration is also precisely controlled and cement hardening can occur for up to 30 minutes. Thus it provides a lower risk of cement leakage outside vertebral body.

Our system includes reusable console and injector, consumable syringe, pipes and trocars (in contact with cement and patient), and is compatible with all commercially available cements, low or high viscosity.