Pollutant emissions monitoring

Project already available
A new service that monitors and manages odors and gaseous emissions from industrial plants, to help facilitate discussion and communication with residents and communities.

Market benefits

  • A complete service in one package, from the product through social initiatives
  • Real-time monitoring and forecast
  • Minimized risks for health and safety
  • Full compliance with regulations
  • Transparency and traceability


Odors and air pollution are rising as cities expand and residential areas are brought closer to industrial facilities. There are increasing complaints from residents and regulations compared to earlier decades. Awareness has risen over the last years about the quality of life in cities and communities desire to have more control over odors and pollution.

Some technical solutions are currently available on the market, but it is still rare to find a solution that addresses the entirety of the problem, from the identification of the issue all the way through operational services. Many of the products are sold as a single, standalone service.


We have developed a monitoring system that manages air pollution and odor nuisance by:
- Identifying odor and pollution sources using common, standardized parameters;
- Providing real-time monitoring of air pollutant emissions, through sensors and weather detectors;
- Forecasting and managing air quality;
- Ensuring compliance with regulations;
- Improving communication with residents by involving them in actions taken, through transparency and raising awareness.

This service can be used by site operators (standalone) or in addition to tools used with the local community, or directly by the local population through an online access to the visual mapping, the information on the status of the odor system, and possibly on gas emissions.