O'Sol: the Autonomous Mobile Solar Generator

Development in progress
This all-in-one generator is compact when folded, but deploys automatically when activated. It simplifies power production and storage, while being extremely mobile, modular and adaptable to your needs.

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Market benefits

  • Mobile, simple and quick to install
  • Clean, green, renewable energy
  • Modular and adaptable
  • No fuel required
  • Low noise, low maintenance


Most temporary events and interventions currently use diesel generators for their power production. This has several disadvantages:
- high running costs
- fuel requirements
- frequent maintenance needed
- logistics of fuel and replacement parts
- inefficient use of generators (used below peak power)
- noise pollution
- exhaust gases

By comparison, renewable energies such as solar photovoltaics have several advantages, but present their own disadvantages:
- fixed, static nature and time required for installation
- complexity of installation
- no power production at night

O'Sol aims to provide a solution which combines advantages of diesel generators to those of solar energy. Its solar generator is mobile and easy to use, while requiring no fuel and very little maintenance.


O'Sol's generator is equipped with an automated deployment system, which makes the installation very simple for the user. The generators just need to be placed in the desired location, and they deploy automatically on the press of a button. The deployment itself only takes a minute.
The generators are equipped with an automatic sun-tracking mechanism, which increases power by 30 to 40% without any user input.
They are equipped with batteries, which allows them to store power for use at night or to cope with bursts of high power demand.
They can be controlled remotely thanks to a remote control or a smartphone app. The performance of the generators can also be tracked through an app or a website.
They can be interconnected to increase power production. This modularity allows a smart microgrid to be created, which increases the reliability by providing a level of redundancy.

Some general characteristics:
- Dimensions: 1.55 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m
- Weight (with batteries): 70 kg
- Solar panel power: 1.2 kWc
- Can be interconnected up to 25 kW of power

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