Mobile fruit and vegetable processing unit

Development in progress
This mobile unit can move through fenced fields to process harvested fruit and vegetables on the spot into sterile purée stored in aseptic bags.

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Market benefits

  • Mobility
  • Can move and operate in enclosed fields
  • Improved preservation of the nutritional and flavor qualities of the products processed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Moderate investment and operating costs
  • Easy to use


According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), food harvest losses in sub- Saharan Africa represent 100 million tons per year, an amount that could feed up to 300 million people. These losses translate into a loss in revenue for small farmers, and higher prices for poor consumers. The same phenomenon can also be observed in some regions of India and South America. The most commonly used solution is to (1) construct improved road networks to transport harvests to urban areas or processing centers, (2) use trucks or refrigerated containers or construct processing centers. However, these solutions are often too costly for the populations or governments concerned to be able to quickly implement them.


Our mobile fruit and vegetable processing unit, which will be sold for the same price as a good car, will be available to buy or rent for various users (cooperatives, individual farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, government organizations) to increase the length of time for which produce can be preserved at the place of harvest, and also substantially decrease losses.