LEDbox: the integrated solution that simplifies LED lighting installation

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An all-in-one solution with power and control functions combined for perfect management of your lighting moods.

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Market benefits

  • Easy for anyone to install and set parameters
  • Compatible with most LED modules
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Improves the customer experience


The arrival of LED in the world of lighting was a major breakthrough in technology. Everything became possible in terms of energy saving, lighting efficiency and control - with an amazing gain in user satisfaction.
However, comfort comes at a price – the complexity of installation of current LED solutions which, for a successful result, often calls for work by several trades:
- An electrical design office to handle the entire energy and control issue and then to select the LED module products and related drivers.
- An electrician to implement the solution by installing the LED drivers in the various nooks and crannies of a room, feeding through cables and connecting up the many electrical wires, at the same time taking care to avoid mixing up the primary and secondary sides of drivers and connect up to the right polarity.
- A software engineer to encode the variably complex programme to be implemented in the light controller.
Other trades, such as plasterers, plumbers, etc., may also be involved in the organisation of a “lighting” job, which often results in greater uncertainty and delays or even budget overruns.


We have developed a box dedicated to LED lighting. This box comes with one 220V power cable, positioned in an easily accessible location such as a piece of furniture, wall cabinet, false ceiling trap door, etc.. It includes 9 configurable LED drivers, that is to say 9 separate, totally safe outputs that can be connected to practically any type of LED module. Our technology automatically assigns the correct polarity to each driver, thus greatly simplifying wiring.
Simplified parameters are set with a digital tablet to assign voltage or current values to the drivers and then create and save scenarios using a set of cursors.
The overall installation of lighting becomes entertaining and within everyone’s scope.
Thanks to its digital electronic architecture, our box offers advanced functions: feedback of lighting state data, measurement of the electricity consumed for each outgoing line, integration of presence or light sensor information and dialogue with a supervisor, etc..
Our box is also a “customisable” product, meeting the new requirements of the Internet objects market.