Project status: idea

KWENZI is a crowdfunding platform that allows social impact companies and not-for-profit organisations to finance their real estate needs.

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Market benefits

  •  Transparency
  • Quick social impact
  • Investment, not charity
  • Solid investments (real estate)


Social impact companies and not-for-profit organisations often struggle when looking for premises. They can't afford to spend the same budget as commercial companies. However, they play a major role in our economic ecosystem. They contribute to shape the future of our cities as they bring a valuable amount of innovation.

For an investor wanting to get involved in such initiatives the advantages are many: Where to invest? What guarantees that the funds are used appropriately? What about the impact and the soundness of such an investment?


KWENZI's crowdfunding platform makes it possible for investors both individual and institutionals (banks, responsible investment funds and foundations) to sanctuarize real estate for ethical activities. This is possible by acquiring premises that will be rented at preferential rates to the actors of this new economy.

This is a novel way to support ethical activities through a sustainable real estate investing.

Institutional investors can participate side by side with individuals so as to profit from the collective intelligence of the crowd to measure the interest of each project. It goes without saying that every project is rigorously screened prior to funding in order to avoid economically unviable or low social impact projects.

By practicing moderate rent prices, the rentability of these placements will be modest. However, they are positive-impact generators as they will be dedicated to ethical activities only. Moreover, the placements will consist mostly of downtown's business premises making solid investments opportunities and potential future capital gains.