Hearing protection that enables voice communication

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Next-generation custom hearing protection device that definitively eliminates the risk of deafness for professionals exposed to noise in their workplace without impeding oral communication.

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Market benefits

  • Customised hearing protection
  • Comfortable
  • Perfectly adapted and adjustable
  • 1 device = 4500 traditional disposable protectors
  • 60% cheaper than traditional equipment
  • Actual audio attenuation = 13 to 33dB
  • Easy to use and install
  • Largest range of acoustic filters on the market
  • 200 BSA-certified experts
  • ISO 9001
  • Over 2 million daily users


In a noisy work environment, hearing protection not worn 100% of the time when exposed to the noise is useless. Removing the protection for just a few minutes in a work day nullifies any effectiveness. The progressive, painless auditory damage that results is irreversible.

The consequences are simple: loss of productivity and quality, increase in the risk of occupational illnesses, associated costs of occupational deafness and the impact on the employer’s image. Traditional hearing protections are poorly adapted and misused. Disposable ear plugs only provide partial protection (leaks can occur) and block vocal frequencies: they are often removed for workers to communicate with each other.

Traditional hearing protections are neither adapted to the sound environment (quality and intensity of the noise), nor to the hearing capacity of each person.

Today, the responsibilities of managers and directors of companies lie not only in effectively protecting staff exposed to noise, but also in limiting financial risks to the company. Their duty is to ensure safety rules are followed whilst keeping to a strict budget.


We have developed a new hearing protection that takes the form of a reusable prosthesis.

After taking the individual cast of the individual, the prostheses are custom-made using 3D printing (< 100 microns precision) and fit the ears perfectly. The prostheses contain an integrated selective, interchangeable acoustic filter system, adapted to the specific sound environment and the hearing ability of the individual.

The prostheses attenuates harmful noise whilst enabling vocal frequencies to pass through to facilitate communication. They ensure optimum comfort and maximum protection.

Our team of experts are BSA (British Society of Audiology) certified. They build the solution for you and with you: surveying the sound environment, sound auditing, individual recommendations by staff position, personal digital fingerprints, hearing health risk training, monitoring correct usage, monitoring the auditory health of employees, recommendation changes.