Flexible fixture for serial industrial production

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Robotic Hexapod is a flexible fixture enabling fast and cost-effective changeover in manufacturing production.

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Market benefits

  • Flexible production
  • Individualised custom product manufacturing
  • Autonomous active components
  • Reconfigurable tooling on the fly
  • Higher productivity
  • Diversity and model variety


Constantly increasing competition and pricing pressures in the manufacturing industry lead to an intensified demand for higher productivity and shorter time-to-market strategies. Rising diversity and model variety and shorter life cycle time require more flexible production plants.

This leads to an intensified demand for new production concepts. The market for reconfigurable tooling is therefore growing, since they are among the major cost drivers in product industrialization.

Reconfigurable tooling is already introduced in the market, but the existing solutions are very costly and not economically to make investments in.


We have developed a flexible and reconfigurable alternative to dedicated jigs and fixtures in production. Utilized for assembly, welding and manufacturing. The hexapod system is fully integrable with the robot activities in production lines. The merging of the two technologies leads to an economical, flexible and high quality fixture that ensures higher stiffness and accuracy in fixating workpieces in e.g. assembly, welding, part holding and precision position sensing for in-line calibration.

The concept can be considered as one of the most interesting player for the industry 4.0 concept, especially in the purpose of the smart factories principle where each production cell needs to be flexible and self-learning. By adding change on the fly of the fixture geometry and position, it will reduce by 25-50% the time of changing to a new production, reduce storage capacity by 70% for dedicated fixture and add safety in the production process.

A typical ROI will be around 0,5-2 years depending of the amount of dedicated fixture to be changed to repositionable fixture, the number of changes in production during the day or week and the rate hours for workings hours.