Electrochemical device for breaking down nitrates into nitrogen

Development in progress
This technology concerns an innovative electrochemical device for the processing of nitrates by percolation with various specific, porous electrodes, and that results in a nitrate degradation rate of over 98%

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Market benefits

  • Improved efficiency in reducing pollution compared to current solutions (a rate of over 98%)
  • Continuous processing
  • Low energy consumption: 5kW.h(kg NO3-)
  • Breaks down nitrates into nitrogen without creating by-products


Current nitrate processing technologies have certain technological limitations:
- Biological treatments are unable to break down nitrate concentrations over a certain number of mg/l. At higher concentrations, the bacteria are in fact poisoned by the nitrates.
- Membrane processing methods only isolate the nitrates and do not degrade them.


We have developed an electrochemical reactor to process nitrates, able to continuously break down concentrations of several grams per liter in a single pass.

The unique configuration of the device, using different electrical power supplies, allows the intensity applied to each specific electrode to be closely managed. The stoichiometric reactions as the nitrates are degraded are thus controlled, and the nitrates are broken down into nitrogen without producing any by-products.

Our innovation can replace or complement membrane solutions depending on the configuration of the processing site and the concentrations of nitrate to be processed.