Digital platform for connecting psychologists and employees to facilitate face-to-face support

Development in progress
The service is based on a digital platform that connects staff with a national network of qualified psychologists, following a methodological approach defined with psychological support specialists, focusing on issues with occupational stress, well-being, providing support for employment protection plans, etc.

Market benefits

  • A national network of qualified, certified psychologists (contact details, location, specialization, etc.)
  • A digital platform that can be used to facilitate contact between users and psychologists
  • Face-to-face meetings to establish quality therapeutic relationships
  • Support methodology defined by specialized psychologists
  • Guaranteed confidentiality for users


Some facts:

  • Growing emphasis is placed on employee well-being: whilst multiple initiatives may have already been implemented by companies, psychological support for both professional and personal issues, urgent or otherwise, may be an additional avenue for improving life at work.
  • Millions of French jobs will be threatened by automation in the years to come (10% according to the OECD), including fields and roles that have traditionally been very stable: companies will need reliable ways to support potential restructuring and employment protection plans.
  • A difficulty faced by many in France is how to choose a psychologist that meets their needs (specialism, location, availability): a national network of qualified psychologists accessible through a digital application may be a means to ensure people take up the option.
  • The need to return to face-to-face interactions in a context where “hotline”-type support services are being developed, which are less likely to provide a tailored response for users.


We want to offer a digital platform (internet, smartphone) that will enable users to access a national network of qualified psychologists and facilitate sessions with professionals located nearby with the right skills to help deal with issues faced by employees.
Employees are enrolled on the “pathway” defined with psychological support specialists. This method is founded on a listening, support, and signposting approach.
Confidential, this solution allows employees to remain anonymous whilst providing company directors with relevant monitoring indicators (number of sessions, duration, themes, etc.).