Cultivable soil

Development in progress
Soil cultivated from a mix of inert waste from construction sites and organic community waste to provide high-quality earth that is active and specifically adapted to each application.

Market benefits

  • Living, pre-cultivated soil
  • No pesticides or invasive plant species
  • Characteristics specifically adapted to the desired planting use
  • Competitive price in comparison to standard topsoil
  • Positive environmental impact integrated into a circular economy approach
  • Available loose in any quantity: from several kilograms to hundreds of tons
  • Locally supplied around the country


With more green in our towns and cities and more green open spaces being created to create sustainable urban environments, there is a growing need for soil for urban developments, urban agriculture, etc.
Urban planting is an increasing challenge, and the current availability of fertile soil is unable to keep up with demand.
The current lack of traceability of topsoil has the potential risk of introducing pollutants or undesirable plant species that may impede the “productivity” of the soil when in place.
Variability in the origin of the soil goes hand-in-hand with variability in its quality, which is difficult to judge before the soil is put in place. The quality of the soil also degrades as it is stored (for example, vertical storage 2m in depth, only the top 30cm could really be considered to be topsoil with a rich, living layer).
At the same time, construction sites generate inert soil materials that are almost always destined for landfill. What other outlets might there be for these materials using a circular economy approach?
And finally, most organic waste (compost, manure, green waste, etc.) has no or few outlets despite its potential.


By combining inert soil materials from construction sites with organic waste, we have been able to create cultivable soil. After several months or years of cultivation over a large area to enrich the soil and bring it back to life, this cultivated soil presents all the qualities of a high-grade topsoil with guaranteed quality.
This cultivable soil is created on demand and already cultivated before delivery, which ensures the soil is functional and alive with all the required physical, chemical, and biological properties (% silt, % clay, organic content, earthworms, etc.).
The quality of this cultivable soil is guaranteed: it’s ready to use and be cultivated with no need for additional conditioning. Its composition, grain size and homogeneity are perfectly controlled and can be adapted as needed.
The traceability of this cultivable soil ensures the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, and invasive plants and creatures thanks to stringent testing procedures. Depending on the duration and conditions of cultivation, the soil can be customized for specific applications (green spaces, allotments, agricultural soils, plantations, etc.).
The cultivable soil has a positive environmental impact (reusing mineral and organic materials to preserve agricultural spaces), without impacting economic criteria (competitive pricing in comparison to standard topsoil solutions).