Autonomous systems for the combined generation of renewable energy and water

Development in progress
A “smart” brick for energy storage and management to combine renewable energy production and water treatment in a packaged / turnkey, autonomous system.

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Market benefits

  • Access to water and energy
  • Independence
  • Autonomy
  • Cost reduction
  • Footprint reduction
  • Transportable units
  • Modular


2.4 billion people on the planet do not have access to drinking water and 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity.

One might not think so, but the energy and water sectors are closely related. On a worldwide basis, the largest category for water use is electric power generation, and similarly, the largest demand for electricity is water treatment and distribution, hence the interest in combining the two. This cross-boundary market, otherwise known as “energy-water nexus”, is poised for rapid and disruptive growth in the coming years.

Today, there are technologies for energy production using renewable sources and technologies for water production that can be combined on a small scale, but the combined systems are not autonomous / self-managing…


We are developing a “smart” brick for energy storage and management. This brick, combined with a technology for renewable energy production and a technology for water treatment, will constitute a packaged / turnkey, autonomous system that generates energy (electric and thermal) and water. This smart brick is the heart of the system.

Always taking into account the local context, the system can be tailored to use one of the following energy sources: Solar, Wind, Marine (current or tidal), Wave power, Bio resources

The combined systems can deliver a) only water or b) water and electricity (with heating or cooling if required) using intelligent power management via battery storage and water storage.

The monitoring of key parameters is made possible by using « low maintenance, low cost » sensors in order to operate and control the systems remotely and initiate local maintenance.

The systems are containerized, secure, easy to transport and install.

- Installed capacities from 25 to 250 m3/day and 20 – 500 kWh/day (160 - 4000 MW/year)
- A range of autonomous energy solutions for water production from 1,5 to 600m3/day
- Installed capacities from 5kW to 1,5MW for the combined supply of water and electricity (or electricity and heating)

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