Automated hand disinfection solution using an organic disinfectant

Development in progress • Protected by patent
This touchless device can disinfect hands in 7 seconds, applying a 100% organic solution that is safe and environmentally friendly. The device is interactive and communicates with the user via a screen.

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Market benefits

  • Safe, organic disinfection solution
  • No microbes on the device as it is not used inside toilets
  • Easy access with the device located at the entrance to facilities
  • Touchless device
  • Interactive device able to communicate with users
  • Can be controlled through IoT
  • More user-friendly


80% of infections are transmitted through hands, causing thousands of deaths a year and costing health systems billions of dollars.

95% of restaurant guests fail to disinfect their hands before eating, with thousands of people dying from nosocomial infections through poorly disinfected hands. Bouts of influenza and gastroenteritis lead to employees taking time off work and in some cases, even death.

Current disinfection solutions are insufficient:
- Toilet handwashing facilities are contaminated and often dirty, with users regularly forgetting to wash their hands.
- Alcohol gel is harmful to skin health, damaging skin, drying it out, and sometimes causing long-term illness (hormonal disorders and allergies).


We have developed Smart & Safe, an automated, touchless disinfection device.

Using Smart & Safe, a 100% organic disinfectant is applied to a user’s hands in the form of a mist.

The hands are disinfected in just a few seconds, leaving the skin protected and smooth with no need for drying.

A screen is located on top of the Smart & Safe device. During operation users can read the news, a message relating to health, ajoke, an advertisement, or some other message about childcare, environment, etc.

Our solution is a real innovation in hand hygiene. It is:
- Visible: Well-located at the entrance to busy places and thus easily accessible, reminding people to disinfect their hands
- Attractive: Aesthetically-pleasing with engaging shapes and colors, inviting people to use it
- Easy to use, gentle on the hands, touchless, quiet, providing a feeling of security
- Safe for health and the environment: 100% organic disinfectant
- Fast: 7 seconds
- User friendly: It communicates with the user, displaying messages

Complies with following standards, efficient against
- Bacteria: EN 1500, EN 1276, EN 13727
- Yeast: EN 1650, EN 13624
- Viruses: EN 14476 + A1 MVA type