An application / exchange platform to buy or sell secondary raw materials or recycled materials

Development in progress
An on-demand service to order or sell secondary raw materials (recycled materials)

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Market benefits

  • Consulting, expertise
  • Volume guarantee
  • Traceability
  • Reliability
  • Compliance
  • Adaptability
  • Digitalization : Purchase / Sale
  • Collection / Delivery upon request


Taking into account the scarcity of resources and waste, regulations are requiring industries and manufacturers to do more and more waste sorting at the source (responsibility of the producer of waste).

In France, for example, 50% to 70% of construction waste is to be sorted at the source by 2020, 50 to 65% for mixed waste by 2025.

The scarcity of resources drives manufacturers to favor the recycling of materials (Reuse), or even go as far as to organize and do the sorting themselves.


We are creating an exchange platform for secondary raw materials (recycled or recyclable materials) and provide a complete service for everyone, everywhere, at any given time.

Available through an application, the service includes:
- the sourcing and organization of the collection of industrial or reuse waste,
- the purchase and organization of industrial waste collection,
- the sale and delivery of secondary raw materials,
- the composition of secondary raw materials, which is adapted to industrial production / manufacturing specifications,
- paper-free system for the entire service: invoicing, regulatory certificates, traceability, reporting ...