From sustainable development to health, from molecules to management, discover a selection of the innovation projects using our platform. Originating from every sector and stage of maturation, these solutions are as varied as they are innovative.

Building / Construction.

étude de marché UMI pour terre de culture faite

Cultivable soil

Soil cultivated from a mix of inert waste from construction sites and organic community waste to provide high-quality earth that is active and specifically adapted to each application.

UMI market research for embankment stabilization innovation

Embankment stabilization

Stabilizing additive based on river sediments to replace lime and cement, for ecological and economic embankments.


UMI market research for simulation of multiphase flows

Simulation of turbulent multiphase flows

A new computational fluid dynamics software designed for the simulation of turbulent multiphase flows. It includes high performance modeling of free-surface flows (adiabatic or not), gas-particle granular flows, and multi-regime flows.




étude de marché UMI pour mesurer la qualité de l'air - microbial air quality

Real-time IAQ monitoring in hospitals

An innovative service for the continuous monitoring of microbial air quality in hospitals, with preventative detection of any change, and the implementation of action plans to ensure patient safety.


étude de marché UMI pour un elisa mobile et miniature destiné à mener des tests immunologiques

Fast and Miniaturized ELISA testing

A device that enables any immunological test (ELISA) to be carried out rapidly, available in a rapid, miniaturized format that can be used in collection centers, emergency centers, at the doctor office or even out in the field.

étude de marché UMI pour un système de collecte de sang - blood collection

Micro Blood Collection Device

This microfluidic device enables easy, out of hospital blood collection at the finger tip with precise volume control, standardization and reliability. Allows samples to be transported and stored in dry form.


étude de marché UMI pour une peinture luminescente pour la route

Luminescent road paint

Improve comfort and safety for road users in low visibility conditions (night, fog, rain, snow, etc.) using new luminescent paint technology resistant to UV and damp conditions.

étude de marché UMI pour dispositif de protection contre les surtensions

Surge Protection Device for Aircraft

A new SiC-based surge protection device (SPD) combining far lower compactness and higher protection of electrical systems against over-voltages such as indirect effect of lightning.


UMI market research for digital platform connecting psychologists and employees

Digital platform connecting psychologists and employees for support

The service is based on a digital platform that connects staff with a national network of qualified psychologists, following a methodological approach defined with psychological support specialists, focusing on issues with occupational stress, well-being, providing support for employment protection plans, etc.


étude de marché UMI pour un moniteur d'émissions polluantes

Pollutant emissions monitoring

A new service that monitors and manages odors and gaseous emissions from industrial plants, to help facilitate discussion and communication with residents and communities.

étude de marché UMI pour une mini centrale de valorisation biomasse

Mini biomass recycling plant

Mini power plant that transforms ligneous waste into energy through pyrogasification. This plant enables ligneous waste of variable quality, low or high humidity (15 to 55%) to be recycled whilst minimizing emissions of NOx, fumes, and particles. It can produce pure heat, or electricity and heat (cogeneration).

I.T. / Network.

étude de marché UMI pour datacenter modulaire

Modular datacenter

A secure, plug-and-play datacenter in a container that can be easily moved and assembled, that includes all the equipment needed for it to operate (generators, condensers, etc.).

étude de marché UMI pour un booster ADSL

ADSL Booster

Solution to increase the speed of an ADSL modem router by connecting it wirelessly to a mobile router by modifying the firmware.


étude de marché UMI pour un composite de fibre de verre

Comp10: Composite glass fiber cable for elastomer reinforcement

Comp10 is a specific new glass fiber composite with a Tg of 200°C and elongation of 4% that renders it suitable for reinforcement in numerous applications, including rubber, plastic parts, optical fiber reinforcement, conveyors and other industries. Comp10 combines the performance of a composite with low production costs to be a viable replacement for metal reinforcements.

étude de marché UMI pour matériau composite

Composite material for seating

An SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) with characteristics optimized for seating: higher mechanical and chemical resistance, lighter and more durable than current materials.


étude de marché UMI pour un dispositif de conservation de produits frais

Long-term preservation of fresh produce

Sealed 600-liter box pallet equipped with selective permeability membranes, with automatic atmosphere control (3% oxygen / 3% CO2) for the long-term preservation of any type of fresh living produce (fruit, vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, etc.).

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