1. Pitch your innovation online.

Pitch your innovation for online market research to obtain qualified market insights. Describe the challenges, benefits, and features of your innovation project. You control the content and anonymity.

Simple. Fast. Effective.

Define the scope of your project and its target: country, sectors, positions… to obtain the most relevant insights for your project. You control your project, from start to finish.

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The UMI Touch
Market research for every type of offering: technology, service, product, algorithm.

For all innovative projects. At any stage.

Fast market research UMI for all of your innovative projects

2. We survey market professionals.

We use automated algorithms to exploit professional online networks to reach the right contacts around the world. Access the most relevant profiles from around the world, selected from among 600,000,000 professionals, including those you might never have thought of. Fast market research with thousands of qualified professionals identified in just a few minutes, specifically targeted for your innovation.

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More than just insights, leads.

Around 40% of the professionals surveyed express interest in an innovation:

  • To be a customer
  • To be a distributor
  • To participate in development
  • To invest
The UMI touch
Every insight is impartial and validated by our experts.

Gain access to hard-to-reach professionals.

UMI fast market research to access hard-to-reach professionals map

3. Figures demystified.

The UMI market analysis report draws its strength from automation to provide you with an objective, up-to-date overview of the market. Graphics, data, figures, all the essential elements for understanding your market are combined into one dynamic deliverable.

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The UMI Touch
A flat fee whether for 20 or 100 responses.

Discover what the market thinks.

Pictogramme UMI ampoule symbole de l'innovation

Main ideas

Pictogramme UMI boussole pour orienter vos projets innovation

Points for improvement

Pictogramme bulles de conversation UMI

Opinions on positioning

Pictogramme UMI liste

Suggestions and expectations

Pictogramme UMI flèche de direction pour améliorer l'innovation

Ideas for new applications

Pictogramme UMI portefeuille pour une étude de marché à moindre coûts

Price recommendations

And gain more than with classic market research.

Pictogramme UMI professionnels qualifiés

Potential partners

Ready to get involved with your project.

Pictogramme UMI valise pour business leads

Business leads

Who want to be customers, distributors, or to invest.

Our guarantees.

Pictogramme UMI réponse de professionnel qualifié

Minimum of 20 responses

30 responses on average.

Pictogramme UMI email

Contributor contact details

Name, surname, email, postal address.

Pictogramme UMI dossier

Export of analysis and responses


Make the right decisions.

  • Invest in projects with marketability validated by the market
  • Abandon projects with insufficient outlets
  • Accelerate your access to the market
  • Generate business opportunities
Pictogramme ciblage UMI


Validated, impartial insights

Pictogramme volume des insights UMI


Around 40 insights per study
Pictogramme rapidité UMI


Results in less than a month
Pictogramme UMI champs d'action mondial


Or targeted by country

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