The era of digital market research.

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Target the entire world.

Target the entire world.

Your ambitions have no frontiers. Nor does our digital market research. Using automation to exploit professional digital networks enables us to quickly reach the right contacts worldwide at a lower cost.

Forget being limited to a national scale. Select any territory you wish to survey and let our solution do the rest.


Insights with real added value.

Insights from professionals in your market are qualified, objective, and validated by our internal specialists. Discover the real potential of your innovation with complete confidence.

Present your innovation

Present your innovation.

Use our presentation module to quickly and simply describe your innovation precisely, concisely, and for the market.

This will help you formalize your idea and provide a clear explanation of your project.


Help creating your pitch.

We use our experience to help you define your innovation simply, clearly, and concisely. Pitch your project, and we’ll finalize your value proposition.

UMI digital market research in real time deliverable insight

Your market analysis in real time.

Thanks to the digitization of traditional market research techniques, your market analysis can be built in real time.

As the data is collected online, it is easy to find its origin and ensure its impartiality and authenticity.


Market research at a lower cost.

Our offering is almost three times less expensive than classic market research with an innovation consultancy. Evaluate your chance of success whilst maximizing your ROI.

UMI clear and concise deliverable insight

A clear, concise deliverable.

The UMI market analysis report draws its strength from automation to provide you with an objective, up-to-date overview of the market. Graphics, data, figures, all the essential elements for understanding your market are combined into one dynamic deliverable.

  • Respondent profiles
  • Marketability of your innovation
  • Current competitors
  • New fields of application
  • Expressions of interest
  • Potential partners and their contact details
  • And much more…

Why choose UMI?

Classic market research. UMI market research.
Between 3 to 8 months. Between 2 to 4 weeks.
Responses are obsolete if data collection takes too long. Responses received in real time with no intermediary.
Costs between €15,000 and €30,000. Costs less than €10,000.
Restricted geographic scope. Global scope or targeted by country.
Agencies specialize in specific sectors or geographic areas. Targeting based on all types of industrial sector with no geographic limits.
Results supplied in the form of a long, verbose report that is hard to summarize. Results supplied in the format of a clear, concise, graphic market analysis.
Re-use the same panels for multiple studies. Panels generated on demand in real time for each study.
Biased responses as survey panels are paid. Unremunerated contributors: impartial, objective, authentic responses.

Suggest new features. We’re always listening.

There’s more.

Obtain business leads with every study.

Contact hard-to-reach profiles.

A view of the market that’s closer to reality.

Responses validated and certified by our internal specialists.

Get off the beaten track using our innovation-focused disruptive market research.



Validated, impartial insights



Around 40 insights per study



Results in less than a month



Or targeted by country