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EDF client's testimonial for umi solution

EDF Group
160 000 employees

« Following conclusive testing, we decided to integrate UMI into the tools which allow us to make a rapid assessment of our innovations’ potential on various markets. As a strategic decision making tool, its high quality and low cost set it apart from the standard solutions out there, and it enables us to prioritize those innovations which are really worth promoting. »

« We are convinced that the UMI campaigns have a lot to offer us in terms of project development »

Pascal Rioual
Deputy Innovation Director, EDF Group

« The responses we got from professionals via the platform gave us confidence in the relevance of our solutions »

Denis Chavanis
CEO, Aquasure

aquasure client's testimonial for umi solution

40 employees

« We were surprised by how quickly this new platform could be initialized on a global scale. UMI is an effective tool which helps companies bring their innovations to market: formulating the offering, conducting market research, getting feedback from qualified leads, and providing a portfolio of qualified contacts for future use. »

Rusheen client's testimonial for umi solution

400 employees

« UMI is a really powerful solution to identify a large number of precisely targeted professionals at a worldwide scale and get their expert opinion. I am convinced that automation and digitalization of market exploration like UMI does is a smart way to speed up and increase the success rates of innovation processes. The UMI team is creating a new approach for innovators by smartly exploiting the web and digital technologies, following the recent trend of sharing and collaborative models (Uber, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, etc.). »

«The UMI team is creating a new approach for innovators by smartly exploiting the web and digital technologies »

Jeff Green
Founder & Managing Director,
Rusheen Capital Management, LLC

« We realized that the UMI platform is deeply useful at various stages in innovation projects »

Richard Biagioni
CEO, KIC innoenergy France

KiC innoenergy client's testimonial for umi solution

KIC InnoEnergy
1000 employees

« We have tested the UMI platform for 4 innovations in order to rapidly figure out if these innovations have a significant potential on several markets:

–  to clean our patent portfolios,
–  to identify new applications,
–  as a deal making tool foremost to develop business or IP transfer by identifying leads.

Uses are nearly unlimited. We are convinced that using such innovative solutions is key for improving the way we manage innovations portfolios efficiently. »

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