UMI will tell you if your innovations have a future… or not asking your market directly: your future clients and partners!

UMI is revolutionizing B2B market research...

Web Exploitation / Automated / Global / Crowdsourced

UMI uses the web to identify market stakeholders specifically concerned by your innovation: end users, industrial companies, distributers, clients, and potential partners. In less than 3 weeks, you’ll have access to 50 responses from qualified professionals on your innovation’s potential market.

Design your campaign (Free)

A clear and objective deliverable on your project’s potential

  • – Who responded: Identity + contact details
  • – What they think: key ideas / objections / competition…
  • – Their suggestions: expectations / new applications / pricing
  • – Who wants to be involved in your project
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Orient your project

Describe your target markets: Country / Sectors / Applications / Stakeholder types / …
Discover who is most interested in your innovation.

Describe your market
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Reach the right people

Targeted professionals can express their desire to be your client or distributor, to participate in development, to invest in your project…

Develop your business
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See who’s in the market

Professionals in your target field will give you their own clear view of the market stakeholders:

  • – Key competitors or partners
  • – Emerging or local actors

Our clients, as well as being experts in their markets, are constantly discovering new actors in those fields.

Competitive rivalry
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Understand your market

The target professionals detail their thoughts in their own words:

  • – Key advantages
  • – Main barriers and objections

The large amount of comments and analysis provided by this is an excellent source of information to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an innovation, as well as making the project owner aware of new opportunities.

Understand my market
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New application fields

Your innovation could result in a multitude of new applications suggested by the target professionals. These suggestions can help you orient yourself toward new markets and inspire you with new ideas.

Discover new opportunities
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Describe your innovation freely

What is your project? What market do you target?
Help us to understand your innovation project with a short description.

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