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Frequently Asked Questions

You are a contributor

I’ve received an email asking me for an evaluation, what is it?

You’ve received an email asking you for an evaluation because you’ve been identified as a professional who is qualified to evaluate the market potential of an innovation. In order to do this, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire where you can express your opinions on the innovation concerned. Your opinions are very important to us. They will help us define the potential benefits and opportunities of this innovation, hence its future.

What are the validation criteria for the evaluation?

The evaluation must be answered by someone qualified in the field for the cited innovation. All the fields must be filled in and explained.

What should I do if I don’t have time to respond?

The evaluation is available for as long as you need. You can fill in the evaluation whenever you like without any time limits. You simply need to click the link provided in the email, or directly online.

Who can view my responses?

Only the moderator and innovation owner have access to your evaluation. Your responses and your information are strictly confidential.

Can we have the results of your investigation at the end?

If you asked for a follow-up of this innovation, you will receive a newsletter presenting the overall data. Furthermore, if you have any interest in this project we can give your contact detail to the product owner so that they call you back as soon as the campaign is over.

I’m interested in the innovation presented, how can I contact the project leader?

If you’re interested in the innovation, we can put you in contact with the project leader. If you wish to be put in contact, please contact us, providing your contact details as well as the name of the innovation you’re interested in. We will then send these details directly to our client.

I don’t have the right skills and knowledge for the evaluation, what should I do?

Are you sure? All skills are welcomed for the potential market. The evaluation doesn’t just require knowledge of technical characteristics, but also on the commercial, logistics, market, techniques and design elements, among others. However, if you still think you don’t have the necessary skills to respond, we recommend forwarding the email to people in your network who have the right credentials (colleagues, friends, alumni, etc.).

I experienced technical problems when I tried to respond to the questionnaire. Who should I contact?

For all technical problems, try repeating the operation using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). If the problem persists, contact us through our online contact form. If you were contacted by email, you can also contact your account manager who’ll be happy to help.

How did you get my email address?

We have set up an algorithm to reconstruct and verify your e-mail addresses based on three data: First name; Name; Society. In this way, we only use the public data of Linkedin users. Once these data are collected, we replenish in real time the email address Moreover, we don’t seek to “enter” in your Linkedin profile . We use only the three data cited above. This is why it is possible to reconstitute the mail address on Linkedin

I need some extra information about the innovation

I can’t provide more information as we are not the product owner. We are just the company working in order to assess the market potential of this innovation. I’ll ask our client to provide more information. Also, if you are interested and looking for a more detailed presentation I can forward your contact details to our client so that they contact you shortly.

About innovation cards

What is an innovation card?

The purpose of an Innovation Card is to provide a complete, concise presentation of your innovation for the market professionals who will be evaluating it to help them quickly understand the concept. They are free to create.

Innovation Cards form the basis of UMI market exploration campaigns. Creating your card is an important step that requires careful thought.

What can I do with my Innovation Card?

You can freely share your innovation card on social networks, on your website, or download it in PDF format to share within your company.

You can also use our solution to create a free Innovation Card for commercial publication or for promotional and marketing purposes.

If you choose to launch an UMI market exploration campaign, we’ll send the Innovation Card to hundreds of qualified professionals in a market to collect their opinions.

And, if your innovation card features sufficient information, we can also display it on our website on your request, where you’ll benefit from additional visibility.

How much does it cost?

Innovation Cards are free. All users registered on the UMI platform can create as many as they wish.

I’d like to create an Innovation Card

In summary:

UMI Innovation Cards are a free service that enables you to:

  • Increase your visibility with large companies and investors by being displayed on our website
  • Present your innovation for commercial distribution or promotional marketing purposes
  • Launch a paid UMI market exploration campaign to evaluate your innovation’s potential, find partners, clients, new applications, qualified opinions on perceived value, etc.

Have any questions? Please contact us on +33 (0)4 89 85 10 56 or through the chat box on the right.

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How to fill in your innovation card?

The quality of your Innovation Card is key to the UMI process.

Don’t neglect this stage. The more complete and clear your Innovation Card, the more easily the targeted professionals will be able to provide you with quality feedback on your innovation.

Try to present your innovation simply, visually, and concisely, keeping the target audience in mind: qualified market professionals, potential clients, investors, etc.

The title

The title is important. It’s the first thing that market professionals see when we ask them for their feedback on your innovation. It should be very short.

The pitch

This gives you the opportunity to give more detail to attract the attention of the targeted professionals.

The visuals

The visuals are crucial. The main photo should be eye-catching to draw the reader to find out more. We’ve noted that Innovation Cards with good visuals receive many more responses than Innovation Cards with basic or poorly designed visuals.

You can also add diagrams and videos to enable the qualified market professionals to find out more about your innovation.

A picture is worth a thousand words…


Innovation Cards can be published in two languages: French and English

If you are a French speaker, writing your Innovation Card in both languages will help expand your reach.

Need help?

Your UMI account manager will be able to provide support as you create your Innovation Card.

Why does my Innovation Card need to be validated?

Our experience enables us to see if your Innovation Card will receive a favorable response from the professionals we contact. We validate your Innovation Card to ensure that good practices are applied, making sure your UMI market exploration campaigns are a success.

What happens once an Innovation Card has been created?

Once your Innovation Card has been created and evaluated by our team, it is then publicly viewable on our website and available for evaluation by internet users.  We then submit your innovation for evaluation by qualified market professionals and collect their opinions on its potential. You can view any new responses under the “My Innovations” section.

How can we ensure the confidentiality of our innovation?

The innovation card is anonymous. It is sent to a selection of professionals validated in accordance with your specifications. We communicate only the customer benefits of the innovation and not its composition.

About your market exploration campaign

How can I use UMI with the professionals in my company?

It is possible to use UMI internally within your company, our team is at your disposal to discuss any questions you may have.

Can I use UMI at any stage of the innovation process?


You can have your innovation evaluated at any stage of its development, from the initial idea through to the finished product.

It’s never too late to launch an UMI market exploration campaign!

Your campaign will enable you to receive feedback from market professionals to evaluate the potential of your evaluation, find partners, clients, new applications, qualified opinions on its perceived value, etc.

The earlier your campaign is launched in the product development cycle, the more the results will help you refine your specifications and prepare for launch onto the market.

Use UMI to gather expert opinions and benefit from constructive feedback that will help you make the right decision objectively, with reassuring evidence for your teams.

It’s always useful to have external, qualitative feedback and fresh new perspectives on your project.  

How many expert opinions can I receive?

We guarantee a minimum of 20 responses all qualified, validated, and selected by our team. This expert feedback is summarized in a clear, easy to use infographic.

How do I launch an UMI campaign?

Before launching an UMI market exploration campaign, your Innovation Card must be completed and validated by our team.

If you encounter any problems completing your Innovation Card, please read our article that explains how to fill in your Innovation Card.

We’re always available for advice if you need help with this step.

Once your Innovation Card has been validated, we’ll contact you to discuss the targeting criteria for your campaign.

Will I be kept updated with any new responses?

Yes. You’ll have the option of receiving live updates on any new responses from professionals. In addition, you’ll also receive an email each week summarizing any new responses.

How do I pay?

The platform does not currently allow online payment. Please contact us through the contact form, and our sales team will contact you to draw up a personalized contract adapted to your requirements.

And if we have a lot of campaigns that we want to run using the UMI solution?

We have already created framework contracts that provide for a sliding scale of rates in accordance with the number of campaigns.

About our experts

How many groups of experts have you gathered?

We have indexed several hundred thousand experts in our database, which we have supplemented with targeted requests containing several criteria (country, position, sector, etc.)

Do you pay the experts?

No, there is no direct remuneration for respondents.

Market professionals wishing to respond do so out of interest in your innovation. Responding to our questionnaire enables them to keep an eye on the latest developments in their field of activity and market.

For experts with wider networks, we have implemented a special ambassador program. Our program offers them special incentives if they help us to regularly obtain a large number of qualified responses.

Are the responses checked?

Every response is analyzed, filtered and validated by an UMI expert.

Why do professionals respond to the requests for feedback?

Because they have been specifically targeted and are thus interested in the innovation that they have been contacted about. They are also able to follow the development of the innovation over time.

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