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  • The power of the automated web
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  • 1 million professionals : Business Developer, Technical Director, Industrial Manager, Sales Manager, CEO, etc.
  • 82 countries represented

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  • A dedicated team
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  • An exclusive solution

A unique web decision-making solution

Get a clear vision of the business prospects for your innovation
and provides information which can be used immediately.

Results in just 3 weeks

We can guarantee you a summary of the market prospects in 3 weeks, leaving innovation consultancy firms trailing far behind…

Feedbacks from market professionals

Key stakeholders specifically targeted for each of your innovations by 3 proprietary algorithms to exploit online professional networks .

Worldwide scale

Quantitative and qualitative results: instantaneous, concrete, and directly operational to make sure you make the right decisions.

20 customer insights minimum

Real time access to customer insights from potential clients, investors, industrial partners, distributors, etc.

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