Composite material for seating

Project already available
An SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) with characteristics optimized for seating: higher mechanical and chemical resistance, lighter and more durable than current materials.
UMI market research for composite material for seating

Market benefits

  • Material specifically designed for seating
  • Improved mechanical resistance/density ratio
  • Chemical resistance (corrosion, hydrocarbons, salinity)
  • Customizable: surface appearance, overmolding, integration of other functions…
  • Compliant with current safety standards (fire, smoke)


The various materials (thermoplastics, wood, etc.) currently used in manufacturing seats each have their own technological and economic limitations:

– Attractive prices and suitable density, but low mechanical resistance: for example, thermoplastics are 1.5 times denser than SMC, but 6 to 7 times less resistant.
– Limited chemical resistance : saline, acid or basic environments, solvents.
– Some materials currently in use, such as wood, require regular maintenance or operating costs for owners.

At present, there is no material that combines all these technical properties and is available at a reasonable cost for seating purposes (seats in public transport, event rooms, stadiums, and other institutions open to the public).


Mecelec proposes an SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) material with characteristics optimized for seating:

– High specific mechanical resistance
– Electrical insulator
– Resistant to corrosion and hydrocarbons
– Suitable for environments with acid, saline, etc.
– Permeable to air
– Longer lifespan compared to other current solutions
– Compliant with smoke and fire regulations, UL94 V0, M1F1, etc.
– Can be mass dyed or decorated with designs (paint, decorative films, etc.)

Mecelec’s skill with this SMC material enables to create different appearances (grains, wood effect, etc.), to integrate various functions (inserts, housings for electronic components, etc.), and the use of overmolding.

With the current means of production used by Mecelec (press dimensions vs target application), the minimum production capacity is around 500 pieces/day.

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