Develop your business.

Is there a future for your innovation? In what market? UMI market research collects direct insights from experts in the sector to guide you in your strategic decision-making.

We go even further, helping you find business partners and generating highly qualified business leads: customers and partners to distribute your solution.

For commercial development, find business partners thanks to UMI solution

Attract investors.

UMI allows you to collect factual insights from professionals in your market to facilitate investor decisions for your project.

More than just insights, leads.

Market potential.

Discover if your project meets market expectations at a lower cost. A key strategic decision-making tool that contributes to your innovation’s future by providing professional insights collected in real time with no middleman.

Generate business leads.

By surrounding yourself with the right partners gained through your market research study and gaining expressions of interest from important actors, you’ll improve your credibility and legitimacy. More arguments to better attract investors!

Visibility and recognition.

Push the envelope and introduce market professionals to your innovation project. A powerful communication method that increases your visibility and generates interest from potential business partners.

Experience the speed.

Receive qualified insights from market professionals on the viability of your innovation project. Capitalize on the responsiveness and immediacy to advance your projects and accelerate your time to market.

Our satisfied customers.

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Validated, impartial insights

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Around 40 insights per study
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Results in less than a month
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Or targeted by country

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