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Forward vision

Forward vision.

Knowing your market enables you to anticipate future actions. Insights collected through UMI market research are provided by qualified professionals specifically targeted by our specialists. Impartial and objective, these market insights will orient you towards new sectors, fields of application, and potential improvements for your innovation.

Get ahead.

Identify market trends and demands to stay ahead of the rest.

Innovate further with key insights.

Real time.

Real-time market insights in record time. The UMI solution gives you instant access to market insights from professionals for the most up-to-date picture of the market.

Rationalize your investments.

Insights from market professionals are key evidence to prove the added value of your project and thus reduce risks. You can then make informed decisions and give your project the legitimacy it deserves.

From Think Tank to Do Tank.

The UMI solution enables you to determine the market appeal of your innovation and ensure its technology transfer. Our market research will clarify the feasibility of your project to help you realize your ideas.

Going beyond insights.

Communicate with potential partners ready to use, develop, or distribute your innovation. Our market research reveals business leads and a network of collaborators who’ve expressed interest in your innovation.

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