Ceramic coating to protect and add an attractive appearance to parts in copper alloy or other metal alloys

Development in progress
A ceramic coating to create a chemical, thermal, and electrical barrier to durably protect a metal part whilst adding a high quality, custom finish (completely transparent, colored, or with optical effects).
UMI market research for ceramic coating protection

Market benefits

  • Durable protection against corrosion
  • Applied through spraying: a simple and less costly process (any shape, any size)
  • High quality, customizable appearance (color, design, etc.)
  • Removes allergenic effects from the metal
  • No environmental impact (biocompatible and biodegradable)
  • Able to maintain controlled porosity for specific applications: bone adhesion, anti-microbial properties, etc.


Many applications for copper alloys need a way to protect metal parts to ensure functionality and a long-lasting aesthetic appearance.

This challenge is even more difficult when the metal parts are subject to external aggressions (moisture, salinity, etc.):
– Industrial liquid gas control (petrochemicals, heating, air conditioning), naval controls, special fluids
– Kitchen & bathroom furniture, yachting, vehicle interiors (airplanes, cars), locks and handles (windows and doors accessories), street furniture

Or when a high-quality appearance is needed:
– Jewelry, watchmaking, spectacles, leatherwork, clothing, etc.
– Bottle fittings, luxury packaging, tableware, etc.

To protect these items, nickel-based or chrome-based metal coatings added through metallization (baths) are generally used. This method is expensive and unsuitable for items with complex shapes or large dimensions. For better durability, parts in more resistant materials such as stainless-steel refractory materials can be used, but to the detriment of the intrinsic properties of the base materials (particularly electrical and thermal conductivity).

For an attractive appearance, gilding treatment using galvanizing baths is generally used. This coating requires a nickel sub-layer as a diffusion barrier to prevent the gold layer from being altered. This is an effective solution against corrosion but it is very costly and has allergenic risks (nickel) when in contact with skin. In addition, the color of the sub-layers can also appear if the surface is scratched.


We have developed a new ceramic coating process using a spray onto any metal surface to provide durable protection from external aggressions and provide a long-lasting, high-quality aesthetic appearance.

Transparent by nature, the ceramic coating can also be colored and designed with optical effects: infrared reflections, luminescence, iridescence, glitter, etc.

It creates a solid barrier against any chemical reaction on the product’s surface and prevents the diffusion of metal elements into the liquid, gas, or solid in contact with the piece, whilst also providing durable protection against corrosion.
This barrier is also an electrical and thermal insulator (up to 100°C) and reduces fouling (adhesion of dirt and dust).

The spray application is simple, less expensive and can be used on parts of any shape or dimension.

The solution is available in different formats:
– Supply of finished parts already coated by us using our solution
– Sub-contracting us to apply the coating to your semi-finished parts
– Integrating the process into your industrial equipment

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