Patent portfolio management and monitoring tool

Project already available.

This tool can be used to present key indicators to generate a patent portfolio: dates, geographic areas, budgets to plan, costs incurred.

Market benefits

  • Graphics to provide clear explanations for your management committee
  • Simpler to monitor than using Excel or Access
  • IP costs and budgeting in a single tool
  • Breakdown of costs
  • A real asset for decision-making when pruning your portfolio


The procedures for submitting and maintaining patent families make them complicated to monitor and costs and budgets difficult to aggregate and share. There is currently no simple solution to monitor all these elements.


We have developed a software solution that is able to display the following using simple, intuitive graphics:
- Procedures for a patent family and the next dates to monitor
- Geographic areas covered by a patent
- Costs already incurred for each family, broken down by cost type (annual, translation, etc.)
- Annual budgets to plan for the portfolio in coming years.

Monitor your patents by family.
Monitor the status of your patent procedures.
Enliven your monitoring meetings.
Optimize your patent protection costs.
Plan your budgets effectively.
Challenge your IP consultants.

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