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5 reasons to focus on innovation

Your company can innovate on many levels: with products or services, sales, distribution methods, production methods, or even organizational methods. From increasing your productivity to developing brand image, innovation is now an essential step for your company. Here’s why.

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Free market research studies are not relevant

Why free market research fails

For budget reasons, you’ll likely be tempted to carry out the market research yourself without using any specialist tools. There are however many disadvantages to this method that could impact the performance of your market research and thus its results.

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UMI blog tells you why your innovation is a good market opportuniy

Is your innovation a good market opportunity?

If you want companies and investors to be interested in your innovation, you need to convince them that your project offers a lucrative market opportunity with little risk. How do you accomplish this? By simply measuring the market potential of your innovations. But to do this, you need to know the right questions to ask before you launch.

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