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The importance of collaboration of R&D and Marketing for innovations

Do My R&D and Marketing Teams Really Need to Work Together?

The goal of any company is simple: get and retain customers. While Research & Development (R&D) and marketing teams share this same vision, they often work worlds apart. When R&D and marketing teams work side by side instead of back to back, they can complement each other in advantageous ways.

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Plusieurs marchés s'offrent à votre projet d'innovation

3 companies that found new application fields for their technology

Sometimes life turns up some amazing surprises. Not only has your innovation got potential in the market, but there are also additional applications to which your project could be applied. Whilst these sectors weren’t originally planned for at the start of the project, they certainly deserve some attention. Let’s see.

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What is the real definition of market insight

What exactly is a “Market Insight”?

Market insight is a current buzzword but it seems that the more it’s used, the more vague its definition becomes. Here, we’ll define what a market insight is, what it isn’t, how they’re best utilized and how you can get the best insights for your innovation.

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