Help innovations.

Ensure innovative projects ’ future by assessing their market potential.

Enter our community.

Join a major network of professionals and take part in its development.

Gain visibility.

Be recognized by professionals in your field and enhance networking.


  • Exclusive information on innovations in your field
  • Private discussion forum
  • Net gain in visibility
  • Connections with professionals in your sector

The duties of the UMI ambassador.


Evaluate innovative projects and increase their visibility by sharing them with your network.

UMI ambassador programme sharing innovation with network


Leverage your network to exchange on innovations and get feedback on innovation projects.
UMI ambassador programme recruitment


Invite professionals to join the UMI ambassadors community.
UMI ambassador programme mobilizing his network

Top ambassadors.

UMI ambassador programme respondent portrait

Tarik Küçük
NVH Test Engineer

UMI ambassador programme respondent portrait

Simone Cavassi
Managing Director

UMI ambassador programme respondent portrait

Ali Alkadhimi
MAI Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineer

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