ADSL Booster

Project status: idea
Solution to increase the speed of an ADSL modem router by connecting it wirelessly to a mobile router by modifying the firmware.
UMI market research for adsl booster

Market benefits

  • Digital coverage
  • High quality service
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Easy to install
  • Sustainable
  • Independence of products and standards


The rollout of fibre optic allows many users to have an optimal internet speed. However, fibre optic is incomplete, since it is still far from covering all territories.

The majority if users are therefore limited to an internet connection provided by an xDSL box.

While waiting for the complete rollout of fibre optic, there is an alternative solution for achieving optimal internet speed: an xDSL router connected by a wire to a 4G router. The wired connection poses logistical problems since the 4G router is usually located near the entrance to premises (e.g. windows), far from the xDSL router.


We have developed a solution for connecting a mobile (4G) router or a mobile terminal to an xDSL router by WIFI (without a wired connection), by modifying the firmware.

This innovation makes it possible to increase the speed of an xDSL router without replacing it (using the existing equipment), without blocking one of the frequency bands of the router and without overloading the mobile network.

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