Our team

Xavier Levesy

(Mighty founder)

Louis Veyret

(Mighty founder)

Thomas Schmider

(Mighty investor)

Juan David Cruz-Gomez

(Live for coding and prosper)

Bastien Scanu

Software Engineer
(Search Jedi)

Adrien Weil

Digital Marketing Manager
(Love KISS principle:
Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Kevin Legrand

Global Account Manager
(The business Prince of Bel Air)

Julien Oger

Operations Director
(The Swiss Machine)

Kate Jochenbein

Innovation Community
& External Relations Manager
(Community Queen...Bee)

Aurélien Champagne

VP Sales
(Champagne every day)

Flavien Collard

Project Manager
(Captain Campaigns)

Alexis Ricolleau

Project Manager
(Plus belle la vie !)

Chloé Jehenne

Product Manager & Project Manager
(Princess of process)

Abhishek Saini

Software Engineer
(Coding Knight and day)

Iaphane Mekki-Felix

Software Engineer
(Life is data)

Sébastien Joya

Business Developer
(Source and mine)

Mathilde Dubos

Assistant Project Manager

Charli Nighoghossian

Project Manager

Karine Caulfield

Our avatar

Our vision

The power of digital
combined with a human touch

Our mission

Supporting the most demanding
innovation projects

Our values​

Innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and integrity

Once upon an idea...

Xavier Levesy and Louis Veyret founded UMI to help all innovations to find their market
We have received BPI assistance
and support from the European Union
First round of fundraising through private investor Thomas Schmider,
co-founder of Infogrames-Atari
We were awarded at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference in Washington
We moved to new premises to accommodate our growing team
We received the PassFrenchTech at the Elysée from the Secretary of State for Digital Technology
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