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B2B market research with UMI gets you an average of

Qualified opinions
Business leads
Suggestions and expectations
Identified partners
Ideas for new applications

Get qualified insight

Survey professionals in your industry and access objective feedback from key market stakeholders in real time.

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Check market interest

Evaluate the real potential of your innovations through the comments and objections raised by professionals in your market.

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Generate sales leads

The professionals targeted in your market research study can express their desire to become a client or distributor, or invest or participate in the development of your innovation project.

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Improve your innovations

Define and prioritize the specifications for your innovative product or service to access the market more quickly.

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Innovation showcase

Why choose UMI?

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100% real

Impartial, authentic responses from professionals in your market that are difficult to reach through traditional means, validated by our internal analysts.

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3 weeks

Digitalizing traditional market research techniques enables us to provide you with a B2B market research study in record time.

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82 countries

Your B2B market research has no frontiers. Target the right people worldwide or by country through our powerful solution.

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66% cost reduction

Our rates are almost a third of the cost of market research through a traditional innovation consulting agency. Lower costs and optimize your ROI.

Fast / Lead generation / Automated / Worldwide / Affordable

Your B2B market research in the digital age

UMI offers a new vision for B2B market research that draws on the power of professional online networks. In less than 3 weeks, we survey professionals linked to your innovations to provide you with the most accurate possible overview of the reality of your market, with objective opinions and commercial contacts for your innovative products and services.

Tell us about your innovation, we take care of the rest

1. Pitch your idea online

étude de marché digitale UMI et descriptif projet innovation

2. We survey professionals

étude de marché digitale UMI carte professionnels internationaux

3. Receive your market analysis

étude de marché digitale UMI et aperçu du livrable

The comments we received clarified the main expectations of the market, which enabled us to adapt our communications about our technology.

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Validated, impartial insights

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Around 40 insights per study
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Results in less than a month
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Or targeted by country

Ready to get started ?

Get in touch, or create an account.

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